Welcome to Neodyme Australia

Néodyme group, founded in 2005 includes the parent company (Néodyme), one french subsidiary (Néodyme Breizh), two oversea subsidiaries (Néodyme New Caledonia, Néodyme Australia PTY Ltd) and several partners.

Néodyme group provides Indutrial Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Impact Management solutions within engineering, consulting and training supports.

Our skills

Nuclear Safety

Neodyme has a strong knowledge and various very relevant experiences in nuclear safety in France...

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Néodyme has many years of experiences with using a large range of modelling applications and...

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Safety risk

With a strong focus put on the efficiency of your business, we will be able to bring advice and...

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Our team, from various background and with relevant experience, will support you in your whish...

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Management systems

As aiming to bring you the best option to your needs and suitable with your activity, we always...

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Regulation and permitting

As complying with complex laws and standards might be a tough job, our team, used to handle multi...

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Work Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is a constant and sometimes complex process in Australia. We can...

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